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We can make a difference at any age, helping to guide a person on a path to recovery.

We are the area’s most experienced counseling service for children who have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or witnesses to domestic violence or drug use.

When he’s not busy applying his 40 years of entrepreneurial acumen to the continued success of the business his father founded, Bill Lerner is a dedicated family-man (husband and father of three) and philanthropist.

His non-profit Billy4Kids, founded in 2013 with a mandate to preventing soil-transmitted parasitic infections, has provided thousands of shoes to children in impoverished countries in order to shield them from debilitating illness, earning Lerner a Humanitarian award at the Annual Edyeyo Gives Hope Gala.

Trends in clientele management can arguably be traced back 150,000 years when systems of trade and barter were established during humankind’s prehistory and historians note the first documented customer complaint in the form of a clay tablet dating to 1500BC which details a purchaser’s grievance to a seller regarding a delayed and damaged shipment of copper ore.

Following the invention of the telephone in 1876 and the establishment of the first call centres in the 1960s (structured as Private Automated Business Exchanges and enhanced by the introduction of toll-free 1-800 numbers), business-client relationships are now defined by technologically-advanced multichannel communication streams – a far cry from clay-engraved, foot-delivered complaints.

Gass for n 1, focusing in particular on his training as a philosopher and on the significance of this training for his life's work. , who died on December 6 at the age of 93, is one of the very few philosophers of the 20th century to transcend the essential boringness of that social identity. Idiosyncrasy is the integrity of genius, it is sometimes said. His principal preoccupation in philosophy was with metaphor, which you might think is a perfect point at which to bring philosophy and literature into conversation.

What was the “impact factor” of the journals he published in? Gass, who completed his dissertation under the supervision of the analytic philosopher Max Black at Cornell University in 1954, and who worked for a short time with (to the extent that one could work with) Ludwig Wittgenstein, also wrote what is perhaps the greatest, bleakest, most rigorous, and finely calibrated American novel of his era, 1995’s Yet his literary output must not be seen as an abandonment of his earlier trajectory.

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Click here to email our intake team with questions or to set up an appointment for counseling.

Family advocates are someone parents/non-offending caregivers can seek support for their own feelings, concerns, and frustrations.

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