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08-Sep-2017 02:01

The following is a list of known Rookwood Pottery Artists.

There are currently 136 known artists, and there are undoubtedly many more who will never be identified.

(1901-1905) Bookprinter, Anna Marie (1885-1905) Brain, Elizabeth Wheldon (1898-1899) Brennan, Alfred Laurens (1881-1885) Breuer, William Henry Joseph (1881-1883) Caven, Alice E. (1902-1907) Harris, Janet (1929-1932) Hentschel, William Ernest (1913-1932) Hickman, Katherine Leslie (1895-1900) Hicks, Orville B.

(1917-1919) Conant, Arthur P (1915-1939) Conant, Patti M (1914-1923) Cook, Daniel (1893-1895) Covalenco, Catherine Pissaroff (1896-1932) Coyne, Sarah Elizabeth (1891-1939) Crabtree, Catherine Calhoun (1923-1924) Cranch, Ellen Bertha (1894-1895) Cranch, Edward Pope (1882-1892) Crofton, Cora (1896) Daly, Matthew Andrew (1883-1903) de Golter, Katherine (1881-1882) Demarest, Virginia B. (1883) Furukawa, Lois (1944-1948) Glass, William ( 1959-1964) Goetting, Arthur E. (1906-1907) Hirschfeld, Nicholas Joseph (1882-1883) Holabird, Alice Belle (1881-1883) Holtkamp, Loretta (1920-1954) Horsfall, Robert Bruce (1893-1896) Horton, Hattie (1882-1884) Humphreys, Albert (1882-1884) Hurley, Edward Timothy (1896-1948) Jensen, Jens Jacob Herring Krug (1928-1948) Jones, Katherine (1924-1931) Keenan, Mary Virginia (1881-1883) King, Flora R.

In 1813 Charles Lowe, a prosperous miller at Ixworth, leased Pakenham watermill and its 40 acre farm from the Leheu family for £130 pa.

He agreed to spend £400 on improvements, despite the mill being only 15 to 20 years old.

This new round of land enclosure would put further pressure on the rural poor, and alter the landscape of the countryside for ever.

Most of the population still relied on agriculture, even if they were not themselves the landowner or the farmer.

As farmers got less money for their crops, they could not pay the wartime levels of land rents, and also tried to reduce their production costs by reducing farm workers' wages.

The enclosure of the remaining open fields around Bury St Edmunds would be completed over the next two years.

In 1784 the Reverend Sir John Cullum had published his book on the history of Hawstead.

(1900-1903) Denzler, Mary Grace (1913-1917) Dibowski, Charles John (1892-1895) Diers, Edward George (1896-1931) Duell, Cecil A. (1945-1946) King, Ora Josephine (1948) Klemm, William (1900-1902) Klinger, Charles (1916?

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